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How to recover files from disk on system?

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Top 1 : BPlan files from on

How do I quickly get back lost data on ?

Step 1.Free download, and then Install Launch the Best Data Recovery software and then select lost data cause, and click the "Next" button

  data recovery

Step 2. Select the location C D F drive or other external drive storage devices where you data and click the "Scan" button. The software will start to scan your to find all of your lost files or data

  file recovery

Step 3. and then preview, you can click "Filter" or search the lost files after the scan, Click the "StartRecover" button to recover lost data.

  data recovery full version

Top 2 : DERescue files from on data recovery free download

DERescue is powerful Recovery Software, an advanced and professional data recovery software helps you out of all data loss problems.

  data recovery full version

Step 1: Export directories: In Folder view, right-click the directory and select "Export Folder" or "Export Marked Folder" menu.get data back

Step 2 : Export files :In List view, right-click file, select "Export File" or "Export All Marked files" menu. The function can recover deleted partitions, partitions with partition table lost and repartitioned partitions .

Top 3 : DiskGenius files from on data recovery free download

Step 1, Download it

Step 2, Run it from the desktop icon and you will see its mainscreen

Step 3, Partition recovery or file recovery

If you need to perform a file recovery, right click a partition and go to "Recover Lost File or Formatted Partition", which you may see the shot below.And you will be guided to this box to choose to recover files or formatted partition.recover formatted partition Besides file and partition recovery.

Top 4 : EASEUS files from on data recovery free download

Data Recovery is not a challenge anymore. EaseUS serves as a dependable data recovery application to retrieve lost data within simple clicks. Whether files get deleted by human or software errors, this utility can help bring them back to life.

  data recovery full version

Step 1. Select the Recycle Bin to scan.

Launch EaseUS file recovery software - Data Recovery Wizard on your PC. Under the "Specify a location" section, click "Recycle Bin" and then "Scan".

select recycle bin folder to scan

Step 2. Scan all emptied files.

The software will start a quick scan immediately for all deleted files, and later a deep scan will launch to scan more lost files. After the scanning process, you can use the Filter feature to filter a specific file type, such as Pictures, Documents, Videos, etc on . scan recycle bin data

Step 3. Preview and recover files.

Once you locate the desired files, you can double-click on a file for a full preview. Finally, select the wanted files and click "Recover".

Top 5 : Recuva folder from on data recovery free download

Recuva can retrieve the files you deleted without any loss (no matter how long it has been lost). Of course, this sector of the prerequisite disk has not been repeatedly written to the data or has not been shredded using some permanent file deletion tools.

  data recovery full version

How to use Recuva to recover accidentally deleted files on . Graphic tutorial. Let us introduce the use of Recuva software.

First step, download and unzip, click to download, double-click to run the software (because the green version is used), the "Welcome to Recuva Wizard" interface appears, we click "Next"

Welcome to the Recuva Wizard interface

The second step, there are five options in the "File Type" interface that appears later, you can see the screenshot of the interface, we choose the default "Other" option and click "Next"

Software File Type Interface

The third step, in the "File location" that appears next, we need to specify the disk we want to recover. Here we click to select "In the specified location (S)", click Browse to select the USB disk, when finished, click "Next"

Top 6: GGhost data recovery ( folder from on )

GGhost OneKey Recovery integrates the advantages of 5 well-known tools, including grub2, grub4dos, paid (version 5.7), Ghost (version 11.0) and videos. Many names are believed to be familiar to everyone. It doesn't matter if you are not familiar with them, it will not affect their use.

Top 7 : FreeUndelete for from on data recovery free download

Step 1. Download the software zip file, click "fru-2.1.36867.1-setup.msi", and follow the prompts to install all the way, as shown in the figure below:

Step 2. Finish the installation and run FreeUndelete, as shown below:

Step 3. Select the target disk to be scanned. The contents in the red boxes below indicate the file names you want to retrieve (if you don't remember, keep the default), restore the file storage location (be careful not to select the current disk to be scanned!)

Step 4. Click the "Scan *" button above and FreeUndelete starts scanning. During the scanning process shown in the figure below:

Step 5. Wait for the scan to finish. FreeUndelete displays the recoverable files in the file list on the right. The user can select a single file / folder for recovery, or press: [Ctrl + left mouse button] or [Shife + left mouse button]. Select, and then click "Undelete" to restore!

Step 6.The file has been successfully restored

Step 7. open the recovery directory, you can view the recovered files

Top 8 : Recoverit for file from on data recovery free download

How to recover recently deleted files after

Step 1: Select data recovery mode

Let WANxing Data Recovery Expert run on your computer and restore important data. Perhaps because of a power failure or pressing "Shift + Del" and many other factors, your files were accidentally deleted or the computer deleted them automatically. It doesn't matter. "Recently deleted files recovery" mode makes your files recovered.

Recently deleted files recovery

Step two: select the file recovery area on

Check the hard disk (C, D, E, F, G, H) where you have lost files, and click the "Start" button to scan and search for your lost files.

Recently deleted files recovery

Step three: scan the computer hard drive

Wondershare Data Recovery Expert will quickly scan your computer hard drive and search for recently deleted important file data. In the preview box on the right side of the product you can preview the files found.

Recently deleted files recovery

Step four: preview and restore

Top 9 : Minitool folder from on data recovery free download

  data recovery full version

How to use recovery

Step 1: Open the software, select "Hard Disk Recovery" in the main interface of the operation and click to enter.

Step 2: After entering the function interface of recovery, select the hard disk partition to be recovered for "full scan".

Step 3: After the full scan is completed, manually select the data to be recovered from the list of lost data, and then save it in a safe path, and the hard disk data will be recovered.

Top 10 : DiskGetor from on data recovery free download

  data recovery full version

Diskgetor recovery software free download

1, Select the scan mode and click "Next" button --- Recover deleted files or directories

2, Select the drive and click "Next" button. If you want to recover the D drive , you should select "D:" drive to scan.


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