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Introduction : How to recover photo from SD Card storage on android OS


Android SD Card Storage - As a critical process on Android machines and devices, SD Card storage should always be on. If you disable it, it will cause a common failure of your Android device, resulting in data loss. This Bplan article content will speak to you about how to deal with this dilemma.

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What is SD Card storage on Android?

Banned from SD Card storage on Android

Mandatory termination of SD Card storage on Android phone systems

Storage in the SD Card storage on Android phone systems

How to retrieve an Android document that was deleted by mistake?

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Android photo SD Card storage dilemma

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What does it mean to have SD Card storage in your Android phone system?

SD Card storage is a process on Android machine devices. It is a necessary full process as you have to apply it to query, download, broadcast and stream images, videos, audio and video files and other media files for free.

Because it's a system process, you can't see it on the Android phone interface. So, where is the Android SD Card storage space?

How to navigate it?

Next, people will teach everyone how to browse Card photo recovery on Android machines and devices.

1. Turn on your Android machine device.

2. Go to Settings > Program Run > Program Run.

3. Tap the three taps on the display and select "During display of information" (you will see similar selections on different Android machines and devices).

During the display of information

4.5. Apply the input box to retrieve SD Card storage. Subsequently, Android will display only the information Card recovery .

Access to SD Card storage

5. Click on Media Storage to enter and you will see the following page.

SD Card storage photo

On this page, you can see many options, including DISABLE, FORCESTOP, Notification Management, Administrative Permissions, Data Application, Storage, Application Details, Default Settings On, Write System Configuration, etc. Everyone can use this option to change the settings according to their own requirements.

In the content of this article, people will talk about this kind of options, DISABLE, FORCESTOP and Storage.

DISABLE in Android's SD Card storage

If you're browsing SD Card storage on an Android machine device, you can notice that the disable button is dark gray. However, even if it does work, you shouldn't click on it to ban the use of SD Card storage, as it is a necessary step for you to download, broadcast or stream SD Card such as video and audio files.

In other words, when you accidentally turn off your SD Card storage, you won't be able to do practical things like watch videos, view pictures, play songs, take pictures of videos, etc.

How to turn on SD Card storage in Android phone system?

If you have been disabling SD Card storage in your Android phone system, your Android machine device will be in trouble. To get it all back to normal, you need to turn on SD Card storage on Android.

You can navigate Card recovery  in the way mentioned above, and then you'll see the "On" button. You need to click on it to open the SD Card store. Later, you still have to restart your Android machine device to get everything back to normal.

Mandatory termination of SD Card storage on Android

In what circumstances can the "mandatory termination" option be applied? The following is a suitable condition.

When you receive the tragedy that the app has long terminated incorrectly, be able to click the forces top photo button to force termination. You can also refer to this article to solve the problem: Fixed-Unfortunately, The Process com android. phone Has Stopped.

You can also change the settings according to your own requirements by applying other options.

Storage in the SD Card store on Android

After entering the storage option, you will be taken to the following pages based on 2 available buttons: CLEARDATA (Erase Data) and CLEARCACHE (Clean Cache).

Eliminate data and clean up caches

Sometimes you will want to eliminate the SD Card from storing data and caching files to free up some indoor space on Android. Is that safe and reliable?

Reminder: If you're looking to boost the interior space of your Android machine or device, this Bplan article will help you. 7 ways to boost the interior storage space of your Android system.

When you click on CLEARDATA, all operating data, such as documents, settings, accounts, databases and other basic information created during the entire application of the service is permanently deleted from your Android device.

After entering CLEARCACHE, the temporary files created by your Android usage will be deleted.

And such documents are not susceptible to harm: media files such as photos, videos, audio and video files stored on Android machines and devices.

However, when you find that your media files are missing after eliminating the SD Card storage data and cached files on your Android machine device, it should not be the result of the actual operation described.

 It will be as soon as you accidentally delete them, and it will be as soon as you accidentally turn off Card recovery , causing them to disappear.

Then, if this lost file is important to you, you will want to recover the lost file. In the following section, people will tell you how to use different ways to recover lost documents.

How to retrieve a lost photo document that was deleted by mistake?

People will tell you some ways to get back your lost Android documents. You can pick a way that works for you based on your specific situation.

Way 1: Recover your Android photo data from your Google account

When you have backed up your Android data with a Google account, be able to pick and choose to recover the lost document from the backed up file.

If you want to recover a lost photo or video, you can turn on Google Photos on your Android device, then log in to your Google account and click on the Photos logo to restore the photo or video from your backup file.

If you want to recover lost files and folder names, you must use Google Drive on your Android device, then tap Google Drive to use them. Subsequently, you can see the file and folder names of the backup files, including text files, photos, audio and video. Next, you can recover the document and folder names you need.

You'll also be able to read the article to grasp a lot of informative content on how to recover Android data from your Google account. How to restore backup files from Google account in Android phone?

Method 2: Retrieve your lost photo document from the Lost.DIR folder name in SD Card

LOST.DIR folder name is a professional Android folder name for storing a document that has been accidentally lost. When you haven't even applied Google Account Backup to your Android data, be able to open this folder name and see if you can find the necessary documents there.

Reminder: you can get a lot of information content about AndroidLOST.DIR folder name based on reading this article. What is Lost.DIR and how to easily recover Lost.DIR files?

Way 3: Recover your lost photo data from SD card with Bplan Mobile

If the above two methods are not suitable for you, consider the application of technical expertise in data recovery mobile phone software to find lost data.

There are two scenarios: recovering data from the Android SD card and recovering documents from the Android internal storage.

Note: Data recovery mobile software only recovers lost and deleted documents, not documents that are masked by new data. Therefore, it is advisable to disable Android machines and devices at the earliest possible time after discovering the loss of data to prevent the data from being masked.

Recovering data from an Android SD card

When you lose a document on your Android SD card, you can apply BplanDataRecovery, a completely free document recovery dedicated tool to recover such documents. This mobile phone software is specialized in recovering data from different kinds of data storage controllers such as computer hard disk, SD card, memory card, etc.

It has a trial version, which you can use to check if the phone software can find the data you want to recover. If you want to use this mobile app to recover your necessary data without any restrictions, then you need to upgrade it to the latest version.

You can download this data recovery mobile software for free by pressing the button below and then install it on your computer.

one-click download

The following is a manual on how to recover Android SD card data using Bplan data recovery mobile software.

1. Remove your Android SD card from the machine device.

2.2. Plug it into the SD card reader, then connect the SD card reader to the computer.

3.3. Open Bplan photo Recovery and you will be able to access this computer interface directly.

To recover data from the SD card, you must switch to the removable disk drive control module.

5. Subsequently, you will find that your SD card displays information on the program interface. Here, it is proposed that everyone scan all SD cards at once. So, you need to pick the SD card under the Removable Disks section, and then tap the scanner button to start the scanner.


Recover photo data from Android internal storage

If you want to recover your lost data from the internal storage of your Android system, you can use this completely free Android data recovery software - Bplan Mobile Recovery for Android mobile phone recovery software to find your lost Android data.

Applying the free full version of this mobile software is able to recover 10 kinds of documents at a time. Nowadays, you can get this professional software by pressing the button below.

one-click download

This mobile software's on-phone recovery control module is specialized for instantly recovering Android system data from machine devices. However, to get the phone software to load and scanner your Android machine device, you must root your Android machine device early.

If you never know how to root your Android device, you can search for it on the web, or you can immediately read the article in this Bplan article and pick a preferred Android root tool to do the job: How to root your Android device | The Ultimate & Simple Manual.

Subsequently, you are able to connect your Android device to your computer and open the software just started to recover your Android data.

If you see the main interface of the phone software, you need to pick the "Recover from phone" control module again.

Selecting the "Recover from phone" control module

2. Follow the instructions on the display to turn on and allow USB adjustment on the Android system machines and devices. However, if both of these options are enabled, you will be taken directly to the following page. Then, select a suitable scanner method and click on the next step just to start the full scanner process.

Pick a scanner method to scan your Android machine device

3. When the scanner is complete, the phone software will display the information scanning results. You are able to locate the android system documentation you must and subsequently pick them to carry out the recovery.

Scan results

If you want to use this mobile software to recover your necessary Android files without any restrictions, then you need to upgrade it to the full version.

In addition, the Recover from SD-Card control module of this mobile software is specialized for recovering data from the SD card of Android system. You can read the article to see what it can do for you. SOLVED

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