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Smart Media Card drive recovery

DiskGetor Data Recovery is the best Smart Media Card drive data recovery Software. It can easily recover lost deleted missing data files from damaged or corruptted Smart Media Card drive, etc. Even if your Smart Media Card drive reformatted, DiskGetor Data Recovery still recover deleted files.Read more

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Smart Media Cards Drive Recovery

Diskgetor Data recovery master is powerful Smart Media Cards Data Recovery Software.If you format / damaged / corrupt your Smart Media Cards Drive ,Diskgetor can help you recover lost deleted missing files or data which you do not want them lost.

Smart Media cards are typically 45mm x 37mm and weigh around 2 g. They are very thin at only 0.76 mm. They used to be popular in digital photography but they have now been superseded by other media cards. When they were first manufactured, they were styled as the successor to floppy disks. They are compatible with most devices and there are adaptors that enable their use with devices with which they're not directly compatible. However, Smart Media cards have limited storage capacities with the maximum currently at only 128 Mb.

so you may always use it to save importantand big files.If format Smart Media Cards Drive,the files that would lost are not little again.So you need recover data from Smart Media Cards Drive.

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