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How to recover lost data from Maxtor Hard drive on windows by simple steps?

How many people have heard and seen Quntum, Maxtor, IBM, ExcelStor ExcelStor, Great Wall GreatWall. What about these hard drive brands that have disappeared in history? Obviously, I have heard of the partners of these old hard drive brands, and they are not too young.

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How do I quickly get back lost data on Maxtor Hard drive ?

Step 1.Free download, and then Install Launch the Best Maxtor Hard drive Data Recovery software and then select lost data cause, and click the "Next" button

Maxtor Hard drive data recovery

Step 2. Select the location C D F drive or other external drive storage devices where you lost your data and click the "Scan" button. The software will start to scan your to find all of your lost files or data

Maxtor Hard drive file recovery

Step 3. and then preview, you can click "Filter" or search the lost files after the scan, Click the "StartRecover" button to recover lost data.

Maxtor Hard drive data recovery full version

Top 2 : DERescue

DERescue is powerful Hard Drive Recovery Software, an advanced and professional data recovery software helps you out of all data loss problems.

Maxtor Hard drive data recovery full version

Top 3 : DiskGenius

DiskGenius may not be familiar to everyone, its predecessor is DiskMan (you know now). After the name was changed, the volume became larger (from a few hundred Know to a few M), the interface has changed, and of course, the functions have become more and more powerful, but it is mainly aimed at Maxtor Hard drive disk partitions.

Top 4 : EASEUS

Data Recovery is not a challenge anymore. EaseUS serves as a dependable data recovery application to retrieve lost Maxtor Hard drive data within simple clicks. Whether files get deleted by human or software errors, this utility can help bring them back to life.

Maxtor Hard drive data recovery full version

Top 5 : Recuva

Recuva can retrieve the Maxtor Hard drive files you deleted without any loss (no matter how long it has been lost). Of course, this sector of the prerequisite disk has not been repeatedly written to the data or has not been shredded using some permanent file deletion tools.

Maxtor Hard drive data recovery full version

Top 6: GGhost

GGhost OneKey Recovery integrates the advantages of 5 well-known tools, including grub2, grub4dos, paid (version 5.7), Ghost (version 11.0) and videos. Many names are believed to be familiar to everyone. It doesn't matter if you are not familiar with them, it will not affect their use.

Top 7 : FreeUndelete

FreeUndelete is a software designed to recover accidentally deleted Maxtor Hard drive files on Maxtor Hard drive, completely free of charge.

Top 8 : Wondershare

Wondershare Recoverit Maxtor Hard drive Data Recovery is the most popular software and trusted by customers on download.cnet. You can download Recoverit Data Recovery software for free

Top 9 : Minitool

Free edition for Windows allows you to recover Maxtor Hard drive up to 1GB data for free, while personal deluxe edition offers a lifetime license with free upgrade service.

Maxtor Hard drive data recovery full version

Top 10 : DiskGetor

DiskGetor Data Recovery can recover deleted, lost, damaged and formatted data from Maxtor Hard drive hard drive or partition. Even if you have written new data into that hard drive or partition, DiskGetor Data Recovery still finds its directory tree from the hard drive.

Maxtor Hard drive data recovery full version

Diskgetor Maxtor Hard drive recovery software free download


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 Just a few days after the Lantern Festival, the leading Northeast data recovery brand, Harbin Haipeng Data Recovery Center, received a Maxtor 80G hard drive from an old customer from the computer company in this city, Mr. Zhang, who hit Harbin Since its establishment in 1998, Haipeng Data Recovery Center has been cooperating for more than 21 years. It can be said that it is extremely loyal and loyal customers.

        Since it is an old customer, everyone communicates very smoothly. Mr. Zhang described that this Maxtor 80G hard disk often crashes and reads and writes slowly in Windows XP. Listening to the description can initially judge the failure as bad. Although the senior engineer of Harbin Haipeng Data Recovery Center is well-informed, I was still surprised when I got this Maxtor hard disk. After all, hard disks of this age are very rare. From the perspective of customer repairs, You can't find one or two such hard drives in a year.


1.Maxtor hard drive recovery software

        This photo is the Maxtor 80G hard drive with IDE parallel port sent by Mr. Zhang. Friends who have n’t heard of Maxtor ’s hard drive can take a long time to see it. Friends who have used Maxtor ’s hard drive can take this to Memories Memories of the hard disk king.

        This hard disk is marked with the production date. This hard disk is marked with 15NOV2004, that is, November 15, 2004. It has been fifteen years since then. This hard disk is really the life star of the hard disk. Customers have been using it for fifteen years and have to say that the quality of this hard drive is very good. At the same time, customers are also very fortunate. Such an antique hard drive has been fully supported for fifteen years before it is damaged.

        After getting the hard disk from Harbin Haipeng data recovery engineer, according to Mr. Zhang's description, he first tested the hard disk and found that the hard disk had a large number of bad tracks. Then he listened to the hard disk's working sounds, and accompanied by some abnormal noises. For five years of hard drives, this failure is not serious.


2.Maxtor hard drive recovery software

        After further meticulous analysis, the engineers at Harbin Haipeng Data Recovery Center judged that bad tracks are not simple bad tracks, but a large number of intermittent regular bad tracks caused by the aging of the magnetic head. The data recovery engineer made an immediate decision and found a Maxtor 80G hard disk of the same model from the hundreds of hard disk backup libraries of Harbin Haipeng Data Recovery Center. The magnetic head was replaced for the customer's hard disk through professional opening technology.Maxtor hard drive recovery software




        After opening the disk and replacing the magnetic head, the customer's hard disk was connected to a professional data recovery device PC3000. After power-on inspection, it was found that a large number of bad tracks had disappeared, leaving only a few scattered bad tracks. Further through the data recovery DE and MRT, all the code of the customer's hard disk is mirrored to another good hard disk.


5.Maxtor hard drive recovery software

        In the end, the data recovery engineer successfully found the important files required by the customer by analyzing the logical data storage information such as the boot record, partition table, and file allocation table in the mirrored hard disk code.



        Hard disks, like humans, have a life span. An old hard drive like this customer, even if it isn't broken, is still in its infancy and crumbling. For customers of old hard disks such as Maxtor, Quantum, etc. in service, Haipeng Data Recovery Center sincerely recommends that you always back up important data on the hard disk, and prepare for it before it happens. Such an old hard disk may be damaged overnight, anytime, anywhere. Once such an old hard disk is damaged, it will be more difficult to rescue. It is fortunate to save success, and failure to save is also normal.

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