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IBM Partition Format Recovery

DiskGetor Data Recovery is the best format IBM Partition Software. It can easily recover formatted IBM Partition. Even if your drive was reformatted, DiskGetor Data Recovery still recover the IBM Partition.Read more

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How to recovr formatted IBM Partition ?

  • Question:

  • I am having an IBM laptop which came with vista professional basic pre-installed. By using VIsta disk management, I once made a partition on my hard drive. After running for almost 6 months. my Windows got some problems due to which I had to format IBM partition. After running the format, although OS has been restored to original but I found that all the documents in “My Document” were missing. Its showing only empty to me now. I have checked in My Computer also. I am not sure whether if there is any chance to get them back. WHat about my data?

    Can yopu please suggest what to do?

  • Answer:

  • Before performing IBM partition format recovery, you need to do the following provisions:

    1, Do not write any new data on to this IBM partition any more, otherwise, you may not recover formatted IBM partition;

    2, Now that you have already installed new system, your recovery ratio has been greatly reduced. Seems that you have restored Windows Vista, Windows Vista will take you about 10 GB space, this will definitely reduce 50% successful recovery ratio if your system drive is 20GB.

    3, Shut down your computer immediately, and get your IBM hard drive to another new computer, and perform IBM partition format recovery there.

    4, Choose a good IBM partition format recovery software on the market. DiskGetor will amaze you that it is the most powerful and fastest IBM partition format recovery software on the market. With newest formatted IBM partition recovery technology, it helps you gain the maximum ratio to recover formatted IBM partition. And its trial version allows you to preview what you can recover and recover files under 64KB for free.

  • Auther Tips:

  • To protect your files, we recommend you to do the following two protection:

    1, redirect "My Documents" from system drive to another one by right clicking "My Documents", select "Properties" and "Move to". If you format system drive next time, no file in this folder will lose.

    2, Backup your important data to a safe place for further consideration.

    You can find more information at: www.luckyrecovery.com/index.htm

    DiskGetor Data Recovery

    1, Select the "Recover Formatted Drive " mode and click "Next" button.

    Recover the formatted drive

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    the formatted drive recovery

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