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Flash Drive format recovery

DiskGetor Data Recovery is the best format Flash Drive recovery Software. It can easily recover formatted usb raw Flash Drive. Even if your Flash drive was reformatted, DiskGetor Data Recovery still recover the data file back from the formatted Flash Drive.Read more

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How to recover data file from formatted Flash Drive ?

Flash drive, also known as USB flash drive, is a convenient storage device for our daily use. The flash drive can be portable due to its small size and light weight, and it can be easily inserted into the USB port of the computer. And sometimes, flash drive is more reliable when huge amounts of data have to be moved. Its construction is quite different to a normal hard drive. Although a flash drive does not have platter, spindle, or head, etc. it still can be used and formatted as a normal hard drive. If I want to recover a formatted flash drive, is it possible to do so? What should I do to recover the formatted flash drive? Keep reading, the following information about formatted flash drive data recovery will give you great helps and introduce you an easy and safe way to recover formatted flash drive.

After I bought a few of portable hard drives, I did not touch my flash drive any more. But yesterday, I just got some small size documents to finish after I go off work, so I decided to use my flash drive which lie in my drawer. I plugged it into my computer, this flash drive is so old and out of use for 2 or 3 years that I did not remember what I have stored on it. So I quickly formatted it. But I suddenly reminded that some of my game records and bank account information were stored on it. I was trying to abort the format progress right away, but unfortunate my flash drive has been formatted already.

Someone may think your flash drive is quite different from you hard drive whatever its construction and its data store method so it is impossible to recover a formatted flash drive. But actually you can use many kinds of method to recover a formatted flash drive just as I did.

1. You can undo the format with unformat commands. But if you are not really proficient in this area, you’d better try another way provided as follow.

2. You can ask the help from manual data recovery. Sometimes manual data recovery can even recover data from a physically damaged flash drive. But it also cost a lot of money and a period of time.

3. The best way to recover a formatted flash drive is using data recovery software. It is safe and quick. Thanks to DiskGetor Data Recovery, I recovered the formatted flash drive in just a few seconds!

DiskGetor Data Recovery is also a powerful hard drive recovery software, an advanced and professional data recovery software that helps you solve all data loss problems.

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DiskGetor Data Recovery

1, Select the "Recover Formatted Drive " mode and click "Next" button.

Recover the formatted drive

2, Select the drive and click "Next" button.

the formatted drive recovery

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