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Counter virus delete file recovery

DiskGetor Data Recovery is the best deleted file recovery Software. It can easily recover deleted files by virus, etc. Even if your Counter virus software delete files, DiskGetor Data Recovery still recover it.Read more

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Counter virus software delete files recovery

Diskgetor data recovery is a file recovery tool to recover files after some exception. Recovers system files,driver files,database files, images, zipped files, media files, sound files, graphic files, archive files and other file types. Supports diskgetor data recovery from hard drives having NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 file systems.

We all know,computer is not safe, computer faces each kind of threat all the time.

Security Problems, Threats and Risks.

Virus's attack can corrupte or delete files,Hacker's attack may delete files,software faults may delete files,.

If we use some counter virus software to protect our computer,but counter virus software delete our files,then we does not know whether to laugh or cry.And it is possible,because counter virus software just software too.All softwares have bugs.

We only find data recovery software to recover files deleted due to virus attacks or software faults.

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