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Partition Recovery for All Operating Systems

DiskGetor Data Recovery is the best all Partition Recovery Software. It can easily Recover lost Partition,NTFS partition,FAT16 & FAT32 partition for All Operating Systems. Read more

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All Partition Recovery

All windows operating systems come equipped with some recovery utilities, but generally these utilities are not capable of performing complete partition recovery.

Every operating system has a different method of storing and organizing the data. Thus the recovery process of every operating system is different. The recovery process is completely dependent on the file system, you have used for partitioning your hard drive.

The best way to keep your precious data safe is to back it up. Though, partition recovery solutions are available in the market but they can not guarantee you the complete partition recovery. Backup is the only way to ensure complete partition recovery.

In spite of all the steps, taken to prevent data loss, there are strong chances of losing your partitions and stored data. So, what could be done to combat it? The answer is partition recovery using the partition recovery software.

The only thing, which is in favor of user, is that the partitions or stored data never get deleted permanently. Deletion does not destroy your partitions forever, only the 16 bit entries of partitions, in the partition table, are removed.

If you are thinking that nothing can delete your partitions and data forever, then you are wrong. Overwriting can do it. You should not attempt any write or read operation on the affected hard drive. It could overwrite the lost data and can make it impossible to recover.

About the solution of partition recovey. The partition recovery is possible through the partition recovery software. Diskgetor Partition recovery software are powerful tools which perform systematic scan of entire hard drive and make the partition recovery feasible.

The partition recovery process is different for every operating system and its file system(s).

The most important thing of entire partition recovery practice is to select the best and powerful partition recovery software. The wrong decision, for saving some efforts and a small amount of money, could ruin the data and make it completely irretrievable.
Diskgetor is support FAT16 and FAT32 and NTFS partitions,etc .And support Windows 2000&XP&2003&2005&2008&XP&Vista&windows 7....

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